Rap On Its Way Out??

There’s a funny post about the declining sales of rap over at Oh Word. Of course music sales are down across the board these days, but it seems that rap sales in particular are really sliding, while rock sales are way up. Apparently listening to rap is no longer the cool and rebellious thing for White suburban kids to do. Are we in for a change of direction for mainstream hip hop? More bubblegum, inoffensive but still damn catchy pop raps like Will Smith in his prime? Time will tell. Me personally, I’m fine with the mainstream as long as Lil Wayne, Clipse and R. Kelly keep putting out records. And I want The Team to blow up nationally for Oakland, but we’ll see if that happens (can Black Wall Street please hurry up and put out the Clyde Carson album?? Come on, Baron, get on that).


One response to “Rap On Its Way Out??

  1. I really would love it if gangsta-rap went out. I would take inoffensive bubble-gum any day over something that destroys not just suburban white culture but also causes rapes, the trashing of women and shoot outs over bs in front of radio stations, and in neighborhoods of mainly black communities–I am sure that the people living in the black communities trying to raise their families and have decent lives would like it too. It can’t go both ways. The most public face of black life in AMerica (and many gangsta rappers condone their violent sicko mizeriac-music with just that rationale) right now is a sleazy, drug ridden, sexualized and female-humiliated picture that does not represent most blacks–but if that image is not trashed by more than AL Sharpton, what do you expect. When Bill Cosby or any one with good intent says otherwise they are called “white” (apparently a really terrible insult). So pick which it is. Does the black community want the gansta rap culture seen as black culture, or does it want it to be seen as a picture of deviant black culture. I mean there are more poor, screwed up white people in this country than poor screwed up black people, yet most whites (I know bikers and skinheads etc etc ) don’t want this to be the mainstream and it isn’t. ANd the alternative isn’t Bubblegum. There is U2,Neil Young, Dave Matthews Band,Sheryl Crowe, Melissa Etheridge, Rage against the Machine, and others who seem to be able to do the right thing” and not be pollyanna bubblegum–so the bubblegum is just an excuse. I for one am really happy that 50s new relase is just a jerk off.

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