Sports and Politics…Together??

Dave Zirin is the man, plain and simple. Any sports fans out there who want to gain perspective on how intertwined sports are with politics needs to check out his weekly sports column called the Edge of Sports. Also, peep these recent articles that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle here and here. While we’re on this tip, please bear with me as I vent about recent developments in Bay Area sports:

1) I’m still feeling shitty about the Warriors decision to trade Jason Richardson. I understand this is a business and blah blah blah but it doesn’t take away from the fact that J-Rich gave the Bay years of hard work and loved it here. I mean come on, the man just bought a new house in Oakland. He played through the bad years and just when we get good, he gets shipped off to Charlotte. Furthermore, the guy we got for him is injured now. So it goes, I guess, but you will be missed, Rich, believe that.

2) It seems the A’s are most definitely moving to Fremont as soon as a stadium is built there. That will be a sad day for me, as its hard to imagine tons of kids in Oakland growing up without a baseball team in their city, when so many of my old memories revolve around A’s games…Oakland A’s games. While we’re on the subject of the A’s, their owner Lew Wolff gets a big fuck you from the Cheddar Box. I am sick and tired of these billionaire team owners getting cities to fork over billions of public tax dollars to build stadiums and ball parks that are cited as never having any positive benefit on the communities they barge into. Thats money that could be going to schools. What we need to do is organize around community ownership of sports teams, like they did in Green Bay with the Packers. That would be dope.

3) Enough has been written about Barry Bonds, especially by Zirin, so all I’ll say is that everyone who doesn’t think he’s one of the greatest to play the game is a hater and should especially be reading Dave Zirin. The Cheddar Box also gives big fuck you’s to Bud Selig, baseball’s commisioner, and David Stern, Basketball’s commisioner. Enough said.

The thought I leave with is that I’ll neve stop being a sports fan, but there is a really ugly side to professional sports. Its refreshing to read folks like Zirin who expose the ugliness but still highlight those trying to change it. Until next time…


2 responses to “Sports and Politics…Together??

  1. Yo, what it is K.Chedda Mo Bedda(we need some more of that special brew by the way). Don’t forget to mention the fact that they’re hanging Micheal Vick from the highest tree on every mainstream sports media outlet right now. So a big FUCK YOU goes out to the new nfl commish, Roger Goodell, and espn as well. Barry Bonds in baseball, Micheal Vick, etc. in football, the entire Rutgers womens squad in NCAA hoop, and the list goes on. Black athletes at the top of their respective sports are being ripped to shreds.

    G Mitch

  2. thecheddarbox

    G Mitch, you are absolutely right. Roger Goodell, Fuck You from the Box.

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