Ode to the Wu

Wu-Tang Clan

One thing I love about going to New York (besides the crack laced slammin food they got over there), is loading up the ipod/cd player/tapedeck/whatever with Wu-Tang jams and walking around the city. Best rap group, hands down. What other group has like 10 guys who all got flow? Here’s some of the albums I still consistently knock:

1) Enter the 36 Chambers

2) Wu-Tang Forever

3) Gza ~ Liquid Swords

4) Raekwon ~ Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

5) Any and all Ghostface albums, he’s just that good

If you need to kill even more time, The Wu-Tang Manual is a great read. Buy it at Powells Books, the only major online union bookstore, or at Booksense, which supports local bookstores in your area.


One response to “Ode to the Wu

  1. Yo check out Ode to the Wu written by Harlem 6, it’s a dedication to the Wu Tang clan

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