Bastards of the Party


“Bastards of the Party” is an HBO documentary that traces the history of LA gangs back to the 1950s. I saw the film awhile back and was really blown away. It puts forth the idea that present day LA gangs originated as the “bastard children” of the radical political groups of the 1960s, namely the Black Panthers. Basically, they contain all the raw energy of those groups but with none of the political or personal mentorship. It also weaves in the government’s role in the drug trade, the influx of weapons into the inner city, the elimination of US manufacturing jobs, etc. and how this all connects to the situation of kids killing each other on the streets of LA. Deep shit, dope movie. Check it out here. Also, the film was produced by Antoine Fuqua (director of “Training Day” and more) and there’s a really interesting interview with him in which he talks about the film here.


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