Chinatown City College vs. The Hilton Hotel

This is not just disrespect, it is discrimination.” -Vincent Pan

Apparently there have been plans to build a permanent San Francisco City College facility in SF Chinatown for over a decade, but the plans keep getting stalled. Why, do you ask? Because the Hilton Hotel, also located in Chinatown, has been pouring major resources into lawyers and lobbyists to shut down all the proposals, and ensure that a city college doesn’t get built on their parking lot. Oh and by the way, 90% of students enrolled in city college in Chinatown are of Asian descent, most being immigrant and making less that $11,000 a year. They take courses that teach English, U.S. citizenship-exam preparation, and job skills in housekeeping, hospitality and entry-level office work; important shit in trying to get ahead. What’s straight up ridiculous is that because there is no permanent facility, students now are forced to put up with classrooms that are crumbling…literally (they’ve got pieces of ceiling falling on top of them). They would have had a new campus years ago if the Hilton hadn’t bankrolled opposition. Read more about the situation here. Much respect to Vincent Pan, the writer of the article and director of Chinese for Affirmative Action, an advocacy organization that is involved in this fight.


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