Race Carded!

sp_athletics_alcs2_d.jpgUh oh. Former Oakland A’s outfielder Milton Bradley did not have nice words for current A’s general manager, Billy Beane in a recent San Francisco Chronicle interview. For those that don’t know, Billy Beane has gotten a lot of love for being able to consistently make the A’s a competitive team during his last several years with the organization, even though their payroll is a one of the lowest in the league. The flipside is that they can never really hold on to players for more than a couple of years. Bradley talks about Beane thinking he’s “better and smarter than everyone.” Eventually he implies that race has been a factor in A’s decisions, stating how they have traded away almost all of their Black players in the past few years. You can read the entire article here. What’s funny is if you read the comments below from online readers there’s this back and forth between two or three folks with lines like:

fivestar73: Black people, stop using the race card every time you think you’ve been wronged. Its getting really old.

noduh: Some White people, stop accusing every non-white person of using the race card every time there is inequity. That surely is getting really really really old.

Ahahahaha. The whole thing does bring up a good point though about the ‘race card’ always being pulled. This logic seems to imply that the race card benefits the people who use it but, come on, what the hell has pulling the race card ever gotten people of color? Constant cuts to inner city public schools? A prison population that is 90% Black? Race card? Please. It’s a losing hand in a shitty deck of cards where the game is obviously rigged.


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