The Man Who Ruined Sports?


“To get into the Hall of Fame, an executive better have done more than write zeroes on paychecks.”

One writer over at CBS Sportsline thinks that George Steinbrenner, the owner of the New York Yankees baseball team, helped pave the way for baseball to ruin the economics of all popular American sports. Check out the article here. Now as an A’s fan, I’ve always hated Steinbrenner and the Yankees for being the team with the fattest payroll, with Steinie all smug sitting up in his luxury box thinking about what players he’s going to buy up next. Turns out some folks at CBS Sportsline think so too! The article is pretty interesting, painting Steinie out to be a spoiled brat who should never be considered for the Hall of Fame. Not to mention all those illegal contributions he was supposed to have made to Nixon back in the day (wikipedia that one).


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