Daily Archives: September 10, 2007

Bourne Vs. Bond and the Return of the Western

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I saw some dope movies this past weekend and wanted to share some thoughts. First up, I finally got around to checking out The Bourne Ultimatum, which was real cool. I’m a fan of spy movies and political thrillers, so the Bourne films have always been up my alley. What I’ve always thought was interesting is how anti-CIA they are, where the US government is always really the main bad guy, instead of some foreign enemy. Some of the folks over at CounterPunch had similar thoughts, and compared Matt Damon’s character of Jason Bourne to another famous movie spy, James Bond. Check what Matt had to say about the comparison:

Bond is an establishment guy. He is a misogynist, an imperialist, he’s all the things that Bourne isn’t. He kills people then drinks a martini. By the end of the second Bourne movie Jason is apologizing for killing people. I’ve never seen that in a big Hollywood movie before.”

Check the rest of the article here. It raises some interesting points and made me appreciate the Bourne films in a whole different way.

Next up, I checked out 3:10 To Yuma. This movie is bananas, son, knocked me on my ass. A really gritty, action packed storyline with a solid cast that put on some great performances. The whole time I was thinking, “Why are there so few Westerns being made these days?” This genre of movies is to the US what Samurai movies are to Japan, or martial arts movies are to China. And I’m not talking about the stereotypical racist good-guy-cowboys-versus-savage-“Indians” type of Western. I’m talking about the Westerns that expose America as a vast land full of contradictions. Full of wonderful characters and terrible characters. The kind that don’t justify this country’s ugly side, but honestly explores it. Here’s hoping we see more of those films being made in the future on the same level of quality as Yuma.