Whoa Gavin!

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom shocked City Hall the other day by asking all city officials with authority to hand in letters of resignation. Apparently he wants to start off his next term with “a clean slate.” Read more about it here. I don’t know. I see it more as a sign of things to come. The fact that he almost lost to Matt Gonzalez in the last race–a Green Party candidate–I think pushed him to take on more progressive causes than he would have otherwise (i.e. legalizing same sex marriage). With no real opposition in his upcoming bid for re-election, Newsom can roll into another term and probably won’t be pushed on the issues in a way that will actually move him to take progressive action. Am I being too cynical? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I think the guy has grand political ambition so he’ll make moves that will position him to further his career. All I know is the City has changed a lot under his watch, even though the causes were probably in effect long before he came on board (all the Black folk are forced to move out to Antioch now? That’s just sad).


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