David Banner Checks Congress

“Rap music is the voice of the underbelly of America. And in most cases, America wants to hide the negative that it does to its people. Hip Hop is that voice. And how dare America even consider not giving us the opportunity to be heard”

~David Banner

Lawmakers, civil rights activists and music industry executives met on Capitol Hill recently to discuss the “controversial or offensive content” the government feels that Hip Hop is portraying. Rapper David Banner, above, gives an amazing testimony in defense of Hip Hop. How is it that the US government can continue to engage in terrible wars, shady business deals and oppression, but blame America’s problems on the content of Hip Hop music? What this comes down to is exactly what Banner highlights: Its okay for the White social elite of America to engage in and profit off of negativity, but not okay for Black People to profit off of negativity. Fuck that. Congress gets a big Fuck You from the Box.


One response to “David Banner Checks Congress

  1. as a mixed race kid, this world seems to get more and more confusing everyday.

    as a person of color, my understanding of how racism has affected myself and countless others throughout the history of the world infuriates/disgusts/destroys me on a daily basis. This sometimes leaves me feeling hopeless about white people in general for either supporting this ongoing oppression or laying back passively and allowing it to continue.

    BUT…because I am mixed race, I fully realize that my european ancestry, that has taken away most of my melanin provides me benefits (ie; people not doubting my intelligence, assuming I am not a threat of physical violence, etc.) and also does not allow me to give up on people of European ancestry all together.

    In my own understanding I have come to conclude that “White” is the enemy. “White” is neither a culture or a people, but an economic classification. What this phenomenon has done, is allow certain people to gain privileges in capitalism by giving up their ethnic cultures and assimilating into a homogenized mainstream that profits from the suffering of others.

    It is my personal belief that if all “white” people were to reclaim the histories of their ancestors and truly learn about how they came to power in Amerika, the entire world would be in a better place. To this day, I do everything I can to learn about the history of my Scottish ancestors and how Celtic (Irish/Scottish/Welsh) people were colonized and robbed of their language, culture and religious beliefs by the English.

    “White” people in Amerika are setup to oppress people of color, the same way men are setup as little boys to oppress women. While these setups truly suck, they connot come close to comparing to the pain and everyday suffering that racism and sexism inflict on minds and bodies of women and/or people of color every single day, all over the world.

    Racial hatred (wherever its roots lie) is real, and I salute David Banner for resisting that hatred tenaciously (even if he makes some sillyass songs sometimes). To resist what is morally wrong is incredibly humanizing.

    Hip-Hop is so important because there is no where else in Amerika where a person of color/oppressed person can grab a mic and say anything they damn well please. So, until Obama wins in ’08 ima stay riding for my people of color/women/LGBT folk/non-chrisitan/workingclasspoor peoples and beating my “White” brothers and sisters in they ass til all our children are all reading books by Arundhati Roy together.

    out like the chubby kid in a dodgeball game,

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