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Not Juiced!


More legal troubles for OJ. Something about rolling with a crew up to a Vegas hotel room to rob back his own stuff that he thought was stolen from him. And someone had a gun. And everything was recorded on tape. Yeah, the situation is as dumb and confusing as it sounds. Either the guy is real stupid or America just wants his ass locked the fuck up real real bad. Kind of smells like a setup to me, and this guy thinks the same thing. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


K-Ville: Dumb Name, Worse Show

kville.jpg I checked out Fox’s new show, K-Ville, out of curiosity and it was pretty much as shitty as I thought it was going to be. For those that don’t know (and don’t worry, you’re not missing much) its a cop show set in post-Katrina present day New Orleans. This subject is personal for me because I was very lucky to have lived in New Orleans shortly and did work organizing against the ridiculous amounts of totally unnecessary police brutality that goes on down there. Beautiful city, really shitty police department. Anyways, I haven’t really been able to collect all my thoughts on the matter, so I’m lucky that Jordan Flaherty, a New Orleans writer and activist, summed up the show in a great review you can check out here. The main problem with the show, he states, is how:

…it takes one of the nation’s most notoriously racist, violent and corrupt police forces, and explains away their harmful acts as the natural result of the trauma of Katrina and its aftermath.”

That’s not entertainment. That’s cashing in on the destruction of a major US city and erasing/excusing the well-documented history of corruption in a police department at the same time. Please everyone do themselves a favor and do not let this show be your exposure to what you think of New Orleans. No one from New Orleans even calls it K-Ville, dammit!

If you want to watch a much better cop show that deals with its topics in a more intelligent, complex and entertaining way check out HBO’s The Wire, which is also available on dvd.

9/24 API Hate Crimes & Self-Defense Workshop

This one is for my API sistas. There’s been a series of assaults on Bay Area women in recent months. What the media has failed to mention is that all of the women targeted are Asian American. Good thing then that the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF for short) is putting on an API Hate Crimes and Self-Defense Workshop next Monday. NAPAWF’s Bay Area chapter co-chair, Jenny Huang, will be spittin knowledge about the issue for the first half of the session. Later, local martial arts instructor Mateo Reyes will be showing folks how to take names and kick some rapist ass. I’ve known Mateo my whole life so I’ve seen how he used to whup kids’ asses in karate classes back in the day and he’s only gotten better with time. For more info, or to register for the workshop, click here.

Monday, 9/24: 6:30-7:30
Combatting Hate: API Hate Crimes and Self Defense Workshop with Jenny Huang and Mateo Reyes
Co-Sponsored by the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF)
KSW’s space180, 180 Capp Street (btwn. 16th and 17th ), 3rd floor, San Francisco

“I don’t believe these muf***as been to the moon neither!”

Last week’s episode of Real Time With Bill Maher featured guests Mos Def and Professor Cornel West. Maher can be an ass at times, and I don’t always agree with him. He is a smart guy though, and I respect him for actually having a political show that brings together a lot of people with different views to engage in honest dialogue. Gotta love Mos for reppin himself and the issues well, now if only he could bring that same wit and fire to his music again. To see more segments from the show, click here.

Whoa Gavin!

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom shocked City Hall the other day by asking all city officials with authority to hand in letters of resignation. Apparently he wants to start off his next term with “a clean slate.” Read more about it here. I don’t know. I see it more as a sign of things to come. The fact that he almost lost to Matt Gonzalez in the last race–a Green Party candidate–I think pushed him to take on more progressive causes than he would have otherwise (i.e. legalizing same sex marriage). With no real opposition in his upcoming bid for re-election, Newsom can roll into another term and probably won’t be pushed on the issues in a way that will actually move him to take progressive action. Am I being too cynical? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I think the guy has grand political ambition so he’ll make moves that will position him to further his career. All I know is the City has changed a lot under his watch, even though the causes were probably in effect long before he came on board (all the Black folk are forced to move out to Antioch now? That’s just sad).

Nice White Lady

I’ve been going a little youtube crazy lately, but this shit was too funny. I hate all the movies like this.

Family Guy Bush

Various Bush appearances on Family Guy, gotta love it.