Dellums: The Right Way To Speak About Crime


“I am serious about crime and violence, and I’m so serious that I’m saying let’s don’t play games with each other, folks. When crime and violence were constrained to the barrios and the ghettos and the ‘hoods, people didn’t pay any attention. [When it spreads citywide] we’re all concerned about it.

This is not just a question about police. We have to do the best we can, and I’m absolutely and unequivocally committed to do that. But at the same time, I have lived long enough to know we have closed our eyes to the injustices and inequities, and now we are reaping the wild winds of that disregard for a whole range of people.”

~Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, 10/13/2007

In addressing a North Oakland Town Hall meeting yesterday, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums is consistently setting an example for how progressive big-city mayors should talk about solutions to the issue of crime. He also outlined his vision for the city, which included plans for a citywide zoning plan, high density concentrated in the downtown area, and a mixed-used development of the former Oakland Army base that would produce a minimum of 10,000 jobs. Word.


7 responses to “Dellums: The Right Way To Speak About Crime

  1. is there anywhere that has audio/video or more information about his address?

  2. A few notes on this. First, we already have a citywide zoning plan, it’s called the General Plan and was adopted in 1998. Second, not only is there no plan on the table for a development of the Army Base anything like what Dellums referred to, the fact is that the 320 developable acres there literally could not accomodate 10,000 jobs no matter what. Industrial jobs (which is what Dellums said he wanted there) are doing well at 10 jobs/acre. Not to mention the fact that much of the army base land is already spoken for – there’s the auto mall we’re moving there AND the Port’s planned new intermodal rail terminal. Dellums’s vision might sound nice – but when the vision isn’t grounded in reality or even apparent knowledge of basic facts about the city, it becomes downright depressing.

  3. A few notes in response:

    Dennis–unfortunately I can’t find any audio or video from the address, but if you find something, please post it.

    V Smoothe–I think the question is not so much “do we have a citywide zoning plan” but “is the one we have doing the right things?”

    Also, the Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Project is actually an 1800 acre area that includes the 320 acres you speak of.

  4. There are a couple of brief audio clips at

  5. If Dellums wants to throw out our zoning and start over, I’d love to see it. What we have now is hopeless. But this is the first I’ve heard of doing that. I’d love for Dellums to provide more details if this is something he’s serious about.

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of the 1800 acre Project Area belons to the Port, not the City. Aside from Port property around the harbor channels, and the actual Army Base, of which the city has 170 acres, the only other part of the Project Area under the City’s control is the 29 acres between 10th St., W. Grand, I-880, and Wood St. Obviously there’s quite a bit going on in that area already.

  6. Yo, is it true that Dellums is endorsing Hillary Clinton? I heard that somewhere. Anyone know if it’s true? I hope not, but I could kinda see why he would. It makes me sick to say this, but anything that’ll ensure we don’t have another republican works for me at this point. Sad, I know.

  7. Yup, Dellums endorsed Clinton ( Here is a favorite article I saved about choosing between Obama and Clinton:

    I’m really hopeful about Mayor Dellums tackling crime and violence in Oakland. He is such a visionary, and his strength is in seeing the big picture– something that we haven’t really had in Oakland for a long time. I’m rooting for his dream of Oakland as a “Model City” to take shape and become a reality. I need to finish school already and come home to help that happen.

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