The Wire

f-thewire1.jpg“Look. For 35 years, you’ve systematically deindustrialized these cities. You’ve rendered them inhospitable to the working class, economically. You have marginalized a certain percentage of your population, most of them minority, and placed them in a situation where the only viable economic engine in their hypersegregated neighborhoods is the drug trade. Then you’ve alienated them further by fighting this draconian war in their neighborhoods, and not being able to distinguish between friend or foe and between that which is truly dangerous or that which is just illegal. And you want to sit across the table from me and say ‘What’s the solution?’ and get it in a paragraph? The solution is to undo the last 35 years, brick by brick. How long is that going to take? I don’t know, but until you start it’s only going to get worse.” ~ David Simon, Series Creator

The Cheddar Box loves HBO’s award winning series, The Wire. Best show on TV, hands down. The fourth season is out on DVD in December, while the fifth and apparently final season begins in January of next year. Now, series creator David Simon is planning on bringing the show’s trademark sense of authenticity to a new series for HBO focusing on the struggle of post-Katrina New Orleans musicians. Being a big fan of the New Orleans music scene, I’m real excited about this one. At the very least it should kick K-Ville’s ass, right? Also, peep this dope interview with Simon from a few years back.


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