Fuck Lew Wolff (Again)


And yet, the cold, cruel truth, proven again and again by economists everywhere, is that stadiums have not paid off for anyone except for the team owners.”

~ Ray Ratto

This is old news to anyone who has been watching the moves made by Oakland A’s co-owner, Lewis Wolff, but last week he declared that “it’s out of the question we’ll stay in Oakland.” However, SF Chronicle columnists Ray Ratto points out how it was really just a bullshit way of trying to sound like he has leverage when in fact, he doesn’t. The plans for building a ballpark and moving the team to the perceived silicon valley goldmine Fremont aren’t going so well, so little boy Lew is almost ready to throw a tantrum.

I almost don’t care at this point. The Oakland A’s have been losing their soul for awhile now. Billy Beane’s moneyball maneuvers have lost their shine, and what we’re stuck with is a mediocre team that goes through a complete roster change every two years, and is especially good at not holding on to any of its Black players.

I hope that Fremont takes a long hard look at Wolff’s proposal before it makes any decisions. The bottom line is that the plan should not be publicly subsidized. How long are us sports lovers going to tolerate these rich billionaire team owners moving our teams to other places, and getting rich off of public tax money that could be going to fund the public schools, hospitals or social services that our cities need? I think we owe it to ourselves to look at how the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League have operated, in being publicly owned by members of the community. I mean come on, the Packers even have the same green and gold team colors as the A’s, right?

So, Lew Wolff you get a big “Fuck You” from the Box…again. At this point, you’re gunning for the most “Fuck You’s from the Box” award.


3 responses to “Fuck Lew Wolff (Again)

  1. Billionaires make baby Jesus cry.

  2. Billionaires don’t get to be billionaires buy playing nice and being fair. Speculation: many of these folks who seek public funding may vote against propositions to enhance funding for social programs.

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