SF Chinatown City College Update

Box readers might remember this post from awhile back that highlighted the struggle in getting a permanent city college campus built in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Basically, the community (which is 90% Asian and immigrant) wants the facility, which would provide English language, job training and citizenship classes; but has been facing intense resistance and lobbying from the facility’s next door neighbor, the Hilton Hotel.

Great news then came a couple of weeks ago when the city unanimously agreed to move forward with the campus’s development. As noted by the Asian American Movement Ezine: “Key to the victory was massive community support: over 25,000 petition signatures, 10,000 individually completed postcards, and 3,500 emails sent in three days.”

This was a victory for racial justice, immigrant rights and educational equity. It is a reminder to all that with organizing and activism, the demands of the people can prevail over powerful interests. Much respect to the Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) organization for handling much of the organizing work throughout this struggle.


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