Lew(ser) Just Won’t Quit

I might as well just rename The Cheddar Box to “The Fuck Lew Wolff Box.” On top of the idiot comments the Oakland A’s owner made last week, he also took a racist cheap shot at Asians by saying:

“First of all, Asian players, probably if you asked them — and could understand them — they would like to stay on the West Coast, but the money that’s being spent by the Yankees and Boston, they’re having to make the extra five-hour flight.”

If you could understand them? Fuck you, Lew. I don’t want to see the A’s leave Oakland, but I would be glad to have Lew Wolff’s punk ass out of the city so he can’t fuck it up anymore than he already has. This blog has a good summary of all of his dumb ass comments, peep it for a laugh.


2 responses to “Lew(ser) Just Won’t Quit

  1. Wow. I just threw-up in my mouth a little.

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