Takashi Murakami+Kanye = Neo New Wave Hip Hop?

murakami.jpg takanye.jpg

So yeah, The Cheddar Box loves it some Kanye West, especially his latest album, Graduation. One aspect of it that I’ve been meaning to write about though, is the contribution of contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, who handled all of the art direction for the album.

I’ve known about Murakami for a little while now, but it wasn’t until this recent collaboration with Kanye that I became more familiar with his work. What I admire about the guy is his critique of the current Japanese art scene and contemporary Japanese culture overall, going as far as to call the Japanese market “a shallow appropriation of Western trends”.

The bottom line is, however, his art is dope, as evidenced by the “Good Morning” video below (even though the shit is shakey and bootleg as hell). It’s interesting to see how Kanye/Pharrell/Lupe Fiasco are spurring a kind of “Neo New Wave Hip Hop” movement by collaborating with Japanese artists to infuse Hip Hop with bright 80s colors, manga/anime animation influences, and super niche (re: expensive) limited edition clothes/sneakers. As a total hip hop/anime/manga/comic book nerd, I’ve been ready for this since yesterday (although I could do without the whole neon green pat leather BAPEs for a million bucks, but thats just me). We’ll see where this thing goes…


One response to “Takashi Murakami+Kanye = Neo New Wave Hip Hop?

  1. I was just reading about this Murakami dude. His art is ill and even tho Kanye makes me wanna kill myself sometimes, he’s fresh ta death for seeing the artistic brilliance of this Nihonjin brother and blowing him up.

    KEEP BLOGGING (cuz if you don’t i might actually have to get to work)!


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