Believing Again

I still think trading J-Rich was the wrong move, but the Warriors recent 4-1 winning road trip is making me believe in them again after an awful 0-6 start. They only lost to Boston on this trip, but the way Kevin Garnett beasted on us shows that we really do need another solid big man. Anyway, the fast pace does keep things entertaining, and Monta Ellis did his thing last night against the Sixers. Go Warriors. Seeing as how they are the lone bright spot in Bay Area sports these days, how about the city of Oakland goes ahead and buys the team? Its called municipalization, and its what the city of Green Bay did with the Packers over in the NFL. That way, the profits off ticket sales can go to things the city needs, like education, health care, etc. instead of just making another random gazillionaire even richer. Just a thought, but peep my man Dave Zirin’s recent article for more.


2 responses to “Believing Again

  1. The Warriors havent gone on a road-run like this is 29 years yo! J-Rich being gone hurts, but his big contract’s departure allowed us to sign Pietrus, Barnes, Wright, Azubuike, Croshere and Troy Hudson (and have money left over!). Our depth is crazy right now, and while I will always LOVE what J-Rich did for us, I believe we are better as a whole now, and that Rich will get more opportunity to shine in the East (guaranteed all-star sooner or later).

    Great article about the Sonics. I was in Seattle last summer and that city is super political, diverse and dope. They deserve the team theyve supported for more than 40 years staying around. Howabout the NBA just create another expansion team for Oklahoma City? Oakland should have bought the A’s and they defintiely need to buy the Dubs. If the Warriors ever left, I doubt I would partake in professional sports ever again. Fremont A’s & Santa Clara 49ers make me feel like throwing up a lil. =T

  2. We’re getting the NBA League Pass installed in our cable box this weekend. Excitement 5000. Too bad the games end at like 2am over here. I’m going to be one grumpy grandma this season getting no sleep. Completely worth it– the team is so exciting to watch!

    I love Monta Ellis. He’s the cutest behbeh ever and he’s so good. Remember during the playoffs when he was choking a little, and his mamma had to fly in to go to the games and support him in person. She was like, “I had to be here for my baby!” She put him on blast, but that just made him such a cutie patootie little behbeh, and now I feel like his mamma too.

    At the game last week, these really funny (slightly nerdy) teenage guys were sitting right behind us and had hilarious commentary. They were Wizards fans, but you could tell they hella respected and appreciated the Warriors (better recognize!). They called Stephen Jackson “The Outlaw” and Baron Davis “B-Dizzle”. They said it with awe. I was so proud.

    Go Warriors!

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