Happy Birthday, Bruce

bruce.jpg Thanks to Angry Asian Man for the heads up, but today is Bruce Lee’s birthday. He would be 67. In Angry’s words:

“What can I say, except that his legacy continues to have a profound impact on the culture at large, as well as my own life and work. He’s a legend. ”

Word. I can’t say enough about his legend. In fact, I wrote a post awhile back in tribute to him, check it out if you haven’t already. It includes a really great “lost” interview with him from 1973.

Happy birthday, Bruce. You are missed, but never forgotten.


One response to “Happy Birthday, Bruce

  1. Happy belated birthday and R.I.P. Brother Bruce. Thank you for allowing Asian men to walk around the streets of America, feeling just a little bit harder, better, faster, stronger. You gave/give us hope, pride and a sense of dignity in a country that scapegoats, emasculates and silences us. My grandchildren will know of you and the heroic, epic battles you fought and won in the span of your short life.
    see u at the crossroads. we’ll eat dim sum together and talk about confucious and the bay area.

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