Hip Hop Violin

Got this off of Angry Asian Man, but apparently its several months old. Either way, shit is dope, son. Paul Dateh on the violin and Inka One on the tables.


6 responses to “Hip Hop Violin

  1. Cot DAMN~! MAYBE I’M CRAZY! GOODNESS GRACIOUS, man thank you for that that was ridiculous, man. Wonderful. The ghostface..what can i say, ridiculously tight. hip hop is the shit. people are the shit. great great great.

  2. pretty sure you’ve seen this already but just incase…

  3. Yeah, you showed me that before. “Makes you wanna raise the flag for the rising sun!”

  4. yeeeeah, this is my boy! we perform with this Paul. he’s an amazing talent. good find man.

  5. um….we perform with Paul, that is. sheesh.

  6. Tunji, you are the truth man. Keep getting your hip hop violin on. Favorite hip hop song that utilized a violin? I think mine is “Reunited” by WuTang.

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