Lupe Fiasco: The Coolest Nerd

lupe-fiasco-daydreamin.jpgJay-Z has called Lupe Fiasco, “a breath of fresh air” in the hip hop industry, and if you read up on the guy you can see why. He’s into comic books, anime, sneakers and t-shirts; he’s a skateboarder; he’s Muslim; doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t go to the club. He’s also got ridiculous flow, a good ear for hot beats, and I respect the fact that he does use his platform to provide some social commentary.

Seeing as how I also grew up fixating on a lot of nerdy shit like comic books and anime, as well as being into hip hop and appreciating social commentary, I’m a definite Lupe fan. What I’m really looking forward to, however, is his new album, “The Cool,” and a series of new projects he has in the works. He recently talked to the folks over at Pitchfork Media and gave some details about those future projects. Sounds like “The Cool” is going to be a concept album centered around a series of characters with supernatural elements and traits. Those characters will carry on in the form of a horror radio show he’s putting together, as well as a comic book series. Fuckin awesome! Thank you Lupe for allowing me to continue to indulge in my nerdy interests, and at the same time make them cool. His album drops on Dec. 18th, check it out and keep a lookout for those future projects mentioned above.

In the meantime, peep these two dope songs/videos from the upcoming album:

“Dumb It Down”



6 responses to “Lupe Fiasco: The Coolest Nerd

  1. u kno i love this man’s musica. thank god not every rapper is ashamed of sounding intelligent! its also super important that he has the swag he does. if not he’d prolly be outcaste as someone not ‘real’ enough for commercial success like a heiro, or any other black-amerikan emcee that doesnt rap about crack or ‘b*tches.’

    peep this man paint a picture:

    “Ugh, I can’t feel a feel nigga pain, devious skill
    That make a strong willed Nigga wane
    since a little nigga hang with the killers and distributors of cane
    they dismemberers of swishers then refill it with the Jane
    Then they tilt it and they lit with a flame then they took a pull of killer to the brain like (inhale noise) ahhh
    Evil-minded like Krang (ninja turtle bad guy from the cartoon son!)
    They became so deranged like the rover that I rolled
    That was the Wings that I drove when I was a little bit older
    Mayne declaring war on the deck like they the Joker
    All while ducking from Bruce Wayne
    While they poker with the devil
    And our moon littened ghetto
    “Hello my name…” stickers on the stickers of the veins
    In rehab remembering the feelings when they used to get mellow
    When they was on back of a nickel like Monticello
    When the underworld had to be smarter than Donatello
    No honor amongst fellows
    It’s harder than sitting with a blind man and trying to describe ‘yellow’
    Got me feeling like killer Joe
    My life the album
    Know the classics by heart and exactly how the filler go
    Repeat it on my way to the liquor store, chocolate…”
    -Lupe Fiasco (is a beast)

    F&F UP!

  2. Lupe is dopeness and he is definitely a breath of fresh air! He’s creatin his own lane like so many claim to do. I hope he has longevity in this declining industry.

  3. I’ll felicte you for the lifestyle that you want to respect ….” religious, social and professional “BIG UP man !!!!!!!

  4. Thanks to all y’all for your comments;

    Without the fans I’d be nowhere.


    – Wasalu Muhammad Jaco,

    FNF UP

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  6. Lupe Fiasco brings new things to the table, he

    makes me unashamed of being intelligent and

    can make being nerdy cool. I respect Lupe so

    much and i plan on going to his concert at

    university of Maryland, hope to see him there.

    Lupe if you read this, just want you to know

    you’re affecting lives and making society better

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