Venezuela Analysis

Earlier this week, Venezuelans voted in a referendum on changes to the country’s constitution proposed by President Hugo Chavez. The proposal was widely criticized in the mainstream US press, and the CIA apparently gave funds to anti-Chavez university student groups working to oppose the referendum. It narrowly lost passage.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the amazing documentary, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” about the 2002 coup attempt to remove Chavez from office (and the US involvement in the whole thing), I posted the film in its entirety a couple of months ago.

Whatever your opinions are on Chavez, know that all in the mainstream US press, especially the NY Times, have displayed a clear bias against him.

I think the best source of info on Venezuelan politics can be found at Keep watching, as of now, the Chavistas have crafted a pretty interesting model for non violent revolution.


2 responses to “Venezuela Analysis

  1. Hugo Chavez is gully-gangsta for making moves the way he has to help bring his country out of poverty, but I think it was in bad taste for him to work on passing a law that would make it possible for him to be “president forever.” It makes him look power-hungry and un-democratic. If Bush pulled something like that I’d sh*t on myself and flee to Canada. “I’m more Coldplay than I am Ice-T,” and I’m more Evo Morales than I am Hugo Chavez.
    Buck Fush,

  2. I feel that. At the same time, many “developed” countries in Europe also do not put limits on how many times an elected official can run for office. However, out of tons of proposed constitutional changes, that was the ONLY one that was talked about in the mainstream press.

    I’m not defending Chavez, but its unfortunate, because there were some really progressive things proposed, such as not allowing discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, etc.

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