B. Diddy Blackberry Blog Ballin, Ya Dig?

As the Oakland Warriors continue to do their thing (handling the Tim-Duncan-less-but-still-dangerous San Antonio Spurs last night by a score of 96-84), I have to give some love to that man Baron Davis aka BD aka B-Diddy. Turns out the man is blogging over at YardBarker. Peep the videos below, shit is hilarious. He could come real hood one day in all slang and then read some shit for the book club and come real educated another day, you just never know. Unpredictable, he blogs the same way he plays the game, ya dig? B. Diddy blackberry blog ballin goes hard in the paint, son!


One response to “B. Diddy Blackberry Blog Ballin, Ya Dig?

  1. Baron is my hero. I super feel him on there being many layers to people. Somedays I’ll write about Howard Zinn and the PEOPLE’S history of the United Snakes of Hysteria, and other days im fincin’ to act McDummy and pop off at the mouth about why we need to bench Peitrus and give his minutes to Bellineli! (yeah, I said it.) Step ya game up Mikael. Step it up!

    Baron is a superfool and goes hard like superglue.
    Our entire season rests on his staying healthy.
    Boom Dizzle fashizzle. REAL TALK – 2 G’z 8 pennies,

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