Easing Crack Sentences

Four of every five crack defendants is black. Most powder cocaine convictions involve whites. However, the sentences for crack have been much more harsh than powder cocaine, even though they are chemically equivalent to each other. This unfair disparity was the cause yesterday for a federal US committee to move forward on easing sentences for some 19,500 federal inmates, most of them Black. With crack cocaine sentences eased, thousands of those inmates could actually be set free. The SF Chronicle reports that: “Even after the change, prison terms for crack cocaine still are two to five times longer on average than sentences for powder cocaine, the result of a 20-year-old decision by Congress to treat crack more harshly. The commission first said in 1995 that there was no evidence to support such disparate treatment.” Thats racist!

Of course, Attorney General Mike Mukasey and the sons of bitches in the Bush Administration all had to voice their opposition to this move. Remember that Mukasey is the man who is passionately working the federal case against SF Giants slugger Barry Bonds. Your federal tax dollars at work! Locking up Black folks one at a time, from the lowliest crack fiend to the highest of the record breaking professional athletes. Mukasey and the Bush sons of bitches once again get a big “Fuck You” from The Box.

Still, its good to see some progress being made on reforming some of our ridiculous drug laws and policies.


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