All Wired Up


The Wire is dissent. It is perhaps the only storytelling on television that overtly suggests that our political and economic and social constructs are no longer viable, that our leadership has failed us relentlessly, and that no, we are not going to be all right. [It is about the] decline of the American empire. We’ve basically taken the idea of Greek tragedy and applied it to the modern city-state. What we were trying to do was take the notion of Greek tragedy, of fated and doomed people, and instead of these Olympian gods, indifferent, venal, selfish, hurling lightning bolts and hitting people in the ass for no reason—instead of those guys whipping it on Oedipus or Achilles, it’s the postmodern institutions . . . those are the indifferent gods.”

~ David Simon (creator of “The Wire”) 

How good is The Wire? Really good. Slate magazine even called it the best American television show that has ever been broadcast: “No other program has ever done anything remotely like what this one does, namely to portray the social, political, and economic life of an American city with the scope, observational precision, and moral vision of great literature.” Fuckin right.

The quotes above were taken from a great article about the show featured in The New Yorker. Its long but worth it, really good insight behind the scenes and with the show’s creators and crew. 

Over at Jeff Chang’s blog, he’s posted all of the teaser trailers for the upcoming fifth and final season. Also,  he is going to do the liner notes for a really dope soundtrack/compilation of music used in the show. The compilation will also feature some local Baltimore music that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from a wider audience before now. Jeff is the mufuckin man, as well as a huge fan of the show.

The fifth and final season begins in January on HBO. If you don’t have HBO, all of the show’s previous seasons are on DVD.  

Finally, I’ll wrap up my Wire nerdiness with one of three “prequels” that can be seen over at Amazon. Folks may have already seen them, they’re fun short videos that give some background on some of the show’s characters, Omar being the subject of the one below. Head on over to Amazon to watch the others.


One response to “All Wired Up

  1. the wire goes. jeff chang goes. the cheddarbox (& it’s new look) goes.
    keep it going.
    p.s. check ur email for that lupe cuddie! yee!

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