Jax Electric Slide To Win The Game

Got this from the folks at Fear The Beard, one of the best East Bay/Warriors blogs in the game. Jack is the man, fuckin hilarious. Also be sure to peep their keys to winning tonight’s game against the Lakers. Go (Oakland) Warriors!


3 responses to “Jax Electric Slide To Win The Game

  1. I went to the Lakers/Warriors game last Friday!!! Best sports game I’ve ever been to in my life. I cried when Baron Davis just HANDLED it at the end. And I tried to be really dramatic about it so I could get on the jumbotron but I guess little kids with painted faces is more interesting. The next night, I came back to the Oracle center to see R KELLY!!!! He performed “Real Talk”….live!!!!

  2. Daaaamn son you were at that game AND went to the r. kelly show!!?? You are a got damn gangsta. It is so dope to have a good basketball team. I could see you rockin one of their throwback jerseys that says “The City” on it, with all that sucka free pride. Hulla excited for your show dood, we in there like swimwear.

  3. Oh, I have a “WE’RE BACK” t-shirt for you. I was thinking about making it into a dress but I’m not hip hop like that anymore. AND I just finished season 1 of the Wire!!! See what a big influence your blog is having on all of us? Coming over on Thursday…so much to debrief. “You gonna burn whaaatttt?!”

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