Stop The Senseless Demolishing of Public Housing in New Orleans

Mayor “Ray Ray” Nagin, HUD and assuredly a bunch of private development interests are planning to demolish the majority of the public housing units in New Orleans by mid-December. Basically, they blowin up all the projects, yo. I remember how ridiculous it was when I was living in New Orleans two summers ago that all the housing projects in the city (many of which where our favorite New Orleans rappers like Juvenile, Lil Wayne and Master P all grew up) were closed after Katrina even though they took minimal damage at most. Now I see it was just part of a plan by the city and the “interests” it caters to to tear down all the affordable housing and build “mixed income” housing that essentially means a 50% reduction in the number of affordable units for low-income residents of the city. Watch the video below for more info, its really well done, and head over to the organizations involved to see what you can do to stop this from happening.


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