The Dark Knight

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I was a comic book kid, always into X-Men, Usagi Yojimbo, and of course, Batman. Other kids didn’t always feel me on this, they were more into Spider-Man or Superman. Naw. Batman was always more appealing to me as a youngster, and even more so now.

“Batman sucks. He doesn’t even have any superpowers.”

That’s what they’d say. But there’s his appeal. There’s nothing really “super” about him. He’s just a disgruntled citizen with a lot of dough who decides to use what he has to make a change in his city. The story was always more dark and real.

On another level, Batman’s always been about class privilege to me too. Thomas Wayne, Batman’s father, was a wealthy doctor and businessman who was also extremely philanthropic and contributed to building up Gotham City. Him and his wife are gunned down and young Wayne carries on. The message always seemed to be that if you got dough, its not enough just to sit on it, there is worth in giving back.

You could also get real deep and talk about Batman’s villains being metaphors for the evils done by our real life societal institutions but I’ll let everyone think about that one on their own. For now, enjoy this just released dope ass trailer for the next Batman movie, coming out Summer 2008. The Joker looks creepy as hell!


2 responses to “The Dark Knight

  1. Yo sun, I just saw the preview for this when I watched “I Am Legend” (f*cking incredible movie by the way), and I was completely sold. Em called me a nerd because I was way too juiced. I’m glad you understand cuzzo! Batman is superclean, but I have always wondered what would happen if he just gave away his money to education instead of making crazy machines to assist in the whipping of criminals’ asses…LOL, but that’s just me. =P (*wah-waaaah)

    But yo, that movie looks illmatic. Joker looks scary but to be honest, not many can outshine the legend that is Jack Nicholson. That crazyass mahf*cka goes SOOPER-hard onscreen as a crazyass mahf*cka. “The Shining,” “Batman,” “Wolf,” “The Departed,” etc. I’m not even sure who the new Joker is played by, do you?

    Great post Chedda. We gotsta go catch that one together.

    In the dark knight we trust,

  2. True that on the giving away money tip. Another lesson from the Batman story: Rich kids are crazy, especially when traumatic shit happens to them.

    Heath “Brokeback Mountain” Ledger plays the Joker. Ain’t that some crazy casting? Seems like its worked though, he might give Jack a run for his money.

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