New Jersey Ends The Death Penalty

“It’s a day of progress for the state of New Jersey and for the millions of people across our nation and around the globe who reject the death penalty as a moral or practical response to the grievous, even heinous, crime of murder.”

~NJ Governor Jon Corzine

The State of New Jersey took a courageous stance on Monday by becoming the first US state in over four decades to end the use of the death penalty.  Following this act, the United Nations called for a “moratorium on the death penalty” with the ultimate goal of abolishing the practice. Really interesting news, and an example of how individual states can take the lead on progressive policies that the federal government refuses to tackle.


3 responses to “New Jersey Ends The Death Penalty

  1. That’s hella good news. Wonderful. I’m lovin’ some New Jerz right now. It’s also a place where a brother and a mexican homie just escaped from the pen hella shawshank redemption style. Still remain free. Mo Power. Don’ t let them peoples catch ya!


  2. I just heard about this on DemocracyNow the other night. That’s hella brave of them in this day and age of crazy wartime hysteria, to stand up and refuse to just throw people’s lives away. I still think about Tookie everyday when I drive past San Quentin. Too bad the terminator runs our sh*t. How’d that happen again? *sigh… Can’t blame me, I was in Ghana when that sh*t went down. I swear to God, I thought this Ghanaian homie of mine was f*cking with me when he told me he saw it on BBC News. I totally laughed and didnt believe him. *Sigh…

    Keep the bloggerism coming famfam.

  3. Yo I heard about that prison escape shit too! Hella shawshank style digging holes and covering them with posters like yee!

    Word, Cali should be leading shit too but it ain’t gonna happen til we organize our people to get the guvanator out this beezy.

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