Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, better known as the rapper M.I.A., put out a really dope album this year, Kala, one of the freshest joints I’ve heard recently. Her last album, Arular, was good, but didn’t grab me in the same way that Kala has. If folks haven’t peeped her stuff, she’s definitely worth checking out. Her sound is hard to classify, in a culture that loves to classify and categorize everything. I don’t give her the cheesy ass “world music” label (Jeff Chang has stated that everything not from “here” gets labeled as “world music”). Instead, her sound is more like everywhere music. Her global following speaks to that.

Speaking of Jeff Chang (arguably the best journalist that the hip hop generation has going fo it) he recently wrote up a really dope, interesting, and extensive article on M.I.A. for The Nation.

So, she’s putting it down for brown folk all over the world, she’s got skills, style and politics? You know The Cheddar Box has got to give her some love for all that. Peep the recently released video for “Paper Planes.” Is that Mike D. and Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys at the end?


5 responses to “M.I.A.

  1. M.I.A. is so clean blud. She’s ahead of her time fasho.

  2. Hi, passing by on a tag… If you’re looking for a new category that M.I.A. might fit into that isn’t the same as the old world music, try “nu whirl” music (or just “nu world,” a pharse M.I.A. likes to write), which was discussed by Wayne of Wayne&Wax:


    I don’t like categories much in general either, but this was interesting.

    I do love M.I.A., of course.

  3. God damn. This is one of my favorites off her album. It’s one of those songs that just really, I don’t know how to say, makes you feel good. Haha. She’s talking bout hella shit, I haven’t figured out all of what she’s talkin’ about but I know that shit’s hard. Skull’s & Bones…Lethal poison for the system! Thank you. Making it cool again to have your own views and do what she wants. I can see hella people loving her. I could also see MTV trying to turn her into some trendy ass “different” artist. But M.I.A.’s too swagged out to get caught up in all that bull. She told me that.

    Bamboo Banga goes hard while running on a treadmil. Haha.

  4. She ain’t ahead of her time. Everyone else just needs to catch up. Holla.

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