Set ‘Em Free, Cali

Apparently CA “Governator” Arnold is considering releasing 22,000 people from the state prisons to save money in the face of Cali’s looming budget deficit. This is in stark contrast to Arnold’s usual solutions to the prison crowding issue, which is use more tax dollars to build bigger jails. California loves to lock folks up, as evidenced by the fact that we are the second largest prison system in the country (second only to the federal system!) and are constantly dealing with overcrowding (some prisons are over 200 percent of their capacity).

Let these folks go free! If it takes a budget crisis to get these folks out, so be it. All of them are considered “low risk” and in for nonviolent crimes anyways. We have to face the facts that California is a huge part of the prison industrial complex, which is locking up thousands of people of color so that they can be easily controlled and exploited through a variety of ways, cheap or slave labor being paramount.


One response to “Set ‘Em Free, Cali

  1. It would be amazing if this happened. My boy Jahmari might be able to get out being that he’s never comitted a violent crime. Somehow I feel skeptical though being that the terminator is runnning ‘tings. (He IS from the land of Hitler’s birth…) *sigh*


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