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Vinyl Lives in the Groove Yard

The SF Chronicle recently ran a great little spotlight feature on a small record shop called the Groove Yard in the Rockridge district of Oakland that specializes in jazz vinyl. Surprisingly, business is booming at the Groove Yard, even in the age of digital downloads. I can tell you this, the dj in me will forever swear that the sound of vinyl through a good sound system is superior to any other format.


Hank Sanders is a Boss


I know nothing else about Alabama State Senator Henry “Hank” Sanders of the 23rd District, but for the simple fact of him having tried to put a morartorium on the death penalty in Alabama eight times straight, with no sign of stopping until it becomes a reality, he is a boss.  

Get Ready for a New Amerykah


Erykah Badu’s “New Amerykah” album drops on February 26th, 2008. I’m feeling everything about it so far, from the title to the cover art to the production and video for the first single, “Honey,” below (produced by 9th Wonder, genius). I download so much music these days, but I’m definitely going to put down some cash for this one, gotta support good funky femme soul.

Dave Zirin is a Boss

“Honestly fellas, my heroes are anybody who allows themselves to be political in this horribly apolitical society that we live in. I think we’re raised thinking that politics is just what people with the bad hair cuts do on Capitol Hill. But actually politics are the food we eat, the hea lthcare we have or don’t have, the air we breathe and the sports we play. Politics infuses all of these things and the people who don’t let those parts of their lives to be separate, the people who allow politics to run freely and without alienation through their daily lives … I mean that’s who my heroes are, because that’s a very hard thing to do in this country.”

~ Dave Zirin

Slept On Magazine has done a great spotlight on the best sportswriter in the game,  Dave Zirin. Gotta love that he talks about a memorable experience speaking to kids at Oakland Juvenile Hall, says the one athlete he would want to talk to is Barry Bonds, and listens to Blue Scholars.

Old Glory’s Helper


Pretty interesting article in the SF Chronicle today concerning a flag called “Old Glory’s Helper,” designed by a Penobscot Indian , Lulie Nall, in 1969. She apparently designed the flag to represent unity amongst all peoples:

“Red represents the American Indian who shares his tepee with fifty state governments. Yellow, Black and Brown people are represented in the fields they help toil and join. … The gap in the tepee represents the last gap of discrimination.”


Some people apparently flew the flag during the 1969 Alcatraz “reclaimation,” in which Native American activists reclaimed Alcatraz island in the Bay Area as native land. How dope is that flag? Either way, I think its always cool when there is some mention of Native issues or history in the mainstream press; as this community has been all but forgotten in the consciousness of America.


Natives are definitely dealing with a wealth of challenges today. Counterpunch recently highlighted how Apaches are dealing with seizures of their land by the US Government in the border zone of southwest Texas.

Sometimes I wonder how this country is ever going to reconcile all the genocidal Native blood on its hands and in its history.

Raheem DeVaughn

I first saw this brother doing his thing at an RnB festival in New Orleans. A real soulful dude giving praise to the strong ladies of the world. Go ‘head bruh.

The Black Agenda Report

Glen Ford runs one of the best progressive news outlets in the world with his “Black Agenda Report” website. With the recent holiday celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the presidential primaries in full swing, he wrote an interesting article on giving the presidential hopefuls an “MLK test.” Looks like Kucinich’s platform is the one that most resembles the beliefs of King, making his situation of being completely marginalized by the media and the Democratic party very sad.

Good thing I get all my news from blogs.