Georgia’s Racist Death Penalty

“Any who thinks that racism and the maintenance of white supremacy is not a leading reason for implementing the capital punishment in the United States must be kidding themselves.”

~Heather Gray

CounterPunch recently posted a great article detailing the history of racism associated with the death penalty throughout the US, and the state of Georgia in particular. It was written by Heather Gray, who is a radio host for WRFG-Atlanta, a great radio station. For Bay Area readers, WRFG is basically the KPFA of the ATL.

With New Jersey recently agreeing to end the use of the death penalty, here’s hoping that other states, and the country as a whole, will soon follow.


One response to “Georgia’s Racist Death Penalty

  1. aye cuddie,
    i jus got the dopest graphic novel ever about black amerikans being disenfranchised and u gotta peep it if u havent already (and its written by Aaron Mcgruder!). “Birth of a Nation” about how after the 2000 election is stolen by a dimwit “Texas-Governor,” Fred fredericks, Mayor of East St. Louis decides to secede fromthe Union and start his own country, The Republic of Blackland.” Sh*t is bananas and hella funny/true. Satire at it’s best.

    Ima visit u in the ATL soon sun!

    Bless & Feliz Ano nuevo!
    p.s. I got “Summer Blonde.” Tomine goes hard. The best ish Ive read recently besides that Mcgruder ish, is “The DMZ,” about their being a civil war in the US in the near future. NYC/Manhattan is the front lines. Fuccin out of this world cuz. Check it asap.

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