Baron The Beast


One of the saddest things about living in Atlanta now instead of my beloved Oakland is the fact that the Warriors are finally a good, exciting team to watch after over a decade of sucking real real bad. Baron Davis is the man, as he proved again last night in a double double outing that resulted in his 34 points, 14 assists and an overtime win over the defending champion San Antonio Spurs. I love the picture above of him beasting out against Bruce Bowen. Dammit! I might have to spring for NBA League Pass from Comcast, which would mean watching the games at 10:30pm my time and staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning.

Also, props to Andris Biedrins for putting in work against the real “Quiet Storm,” Tim Duncan. Even though Duncan almost matched Baron’s performance with 32 points and 13 assists of his own, Andris “Latvian Sensation” Biedrins made him earn every stat and apparently made some key stops down the stretch.  Go Warriors!


2 responses to “Baron The Beast

  1. holy sh*tballs cuz. that was the best dubs game of the season so far. i almost crapped myself when parker sent it into overtime, but baron and jack got it craccin. if baron isn’t in the all-star game i will be speechless.

    honestly, u need to spring for that league pass so u don’t miss out on a crazyass season. just think of it this way: when you’re in the ATL watching baron throw an oop to monta and see 20,000 people at the O(racle) losing their F-ing minds, will you regret having picked up that package? nuff sed.

    peace chedda

    p.s. Ima really try and make it out there during one of my vacations sun, and please believe I will bring Hyphy Juice with me in my suitcase. Church.

  2. Hyphy Juice is so much better than Crunk Juice, no contest. Doesnt’ even come close. Holla whenever you tryna get down here man.

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