Hatin’ On Kucinich

With the presidential primaries in full swing, I thought the fact that Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich has been locked out of both debates in Iowa and New Hampshire is pretty fucked up. ABC and its parent company, Disney Corporate, locked him out of their televised debate last week in New Hampshire because he apparently didn’t reach a high enough percentage in a recent poll. Bullshit. The debates co-sponser, Facebook, held their own poll in which Kucinich reached a percentage far higher than ABC’s requirement of 5%. The man is a legitimate Democratic candidate who receives federal tax dollar funding under the law! His policy stances are the most progressive out of all of the candidates (besides questionable opinions on reproductive rights, but I’m not sure the more “electable” candidates are all that much better on the issue). His biting attacks in the debates are a threat to the corporate establishment, and thus a progressive voice is silenced by our current political system. Disney gets a fat “Fuck You” from The Box.


4 responses to “Hatin’ On Kucinich

  1. Damn straight. He was the only consistent truth speaker at the debates.

  2. I can’t believe this! He’s the only one up there standing for truly progressive principles. The left really needs to start raising some capital and buying these damn TV networks. Everything on them is so conservative and reactionary! Ugh.

  3. If Dennis looked like John Edwards I bet he’d be up there. Short, akward-looking guys don’t get love on TV (unless its Matt Stienmetz). He is the onle REAL candidate who is FOR the working class (which is why he had no chance from jump).


  4. Awww, that makes me kind of miss watching Matt Steinmetz’s awkward mug fumble his way through Warriors interviews.

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