Get ‘Em, Rich


Big ups to former (but forever in our hearts and minds) Oakland Warrior Jason Richardson for beasting out against the Boston Celtics the other night. J-Rich put up 34 points and 9 rebounds to lead the Charlotte Bobcats in defeating one of the best teams in the NBA and putting an end to Boston’s nine game winning streak. Rich fans gotta love the pic above of him absolutely slaying Boston’s Eddie House.


2 responses to “Get ‘Em, Rich

  1. those highlights made me grin from ear to ear. its just too bad that with all the amazing guards in the NBA Baron and J-Rich probably wont make the all-star team. i think someone told me Baron is NINTH in voting for guards right now. =T

    we always knew rich was capable of games like this, i’m hella looking forward to the time when he does it night in and night out. i still feel this is completely possible. what’s crazy about this man is that he still gets better every year. and that’s just crazy.


    p.s. John Kerry just endorsed Barack Obama…
    Just when i thought Barack had a a chance to win, this happens. =P LOL. When you think about it, Kerry is probably the most pathetic thing ever. There should be a monument of his face in D.C. because his existence is just SO sad. People can go there, sit in front of the monument of Kerry’s face and weep. I know that’s what I do when I think of him. Kerry is the antithesis of Jason RIchardson.

  2. It’s beautiful to see j-rich ballin’ on ’em, albeit in an other uniform. I saw the highlights to this game on and I rember thinking, “Did MJ come out of retirement for this game?!”
    That behind the back dribble fade away he put on Paul Pierce from the corner had me like Clay Davis, “Shieeeeeet”


    p.s. fuck clay davis.

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