Guns, Crack & The Reverse Migration

Interesting couple of articles recently appearing in the SF Chronicle:One details the hardships facing the dwindling Black community in SF, and how Blacks across the Bay Area are moving (or being forced to move) to other places. Many are moving to the South, in what is being called a “reverse migration” from the West Coast back to Southern states like Louisiana, Georgia, etc.

Another one talks of guns and crack cocaine being at the heart of all the homicides in SF last year.

This isn’t news to many of us, but is still noteworthy. Being from the Bay Area and now living in Atlanta, I can see firsthand how the extremely high cost of living in the Bay Area necessitates the move to other areas for Blacks. There are definitely more economic opportunities for African Americans here in Atlanta especially, coupled with a lower cost of living (although its gentrifying fast so we’ll see how long this lasts).What really becomes disturbing is stepping back and examining how all these trends are related. When you see how the ghetto is given no economic engine for success, but is filled with drugs and guns, is it really that hard to believe that the “Drug War” is really just a war on Blacks?The sad truth is that the powers that be have deemed Blacks an uneccessary workforce but still a critical consumer base. This shit is wrong on such a basic human rights level and should be fought by all means.


2 responses to “Guns, Crack & The Reverse Migration

  1. We’re on the same page because I have the SF Chronicle on my desk right now and the headline reads, “Bayview/Hunter’s Point’s Black Exodus.” Gentrification is too crazy in the City (aka the “shitty”). From Bayview to the Mission Black and Brown folks are being “escorted” up outta there.

    If you wanna see some CRAZY-blatant socioeconomic/racial disparity, come holla at me in Marin County. This ish is like the NorCal version of SoCal. You can literally know what kind of individual you will come across depending on the block/neighborhood your on/in. It’s like the “reverse migration” of wealthy Anglos to escape the diverse neighborhoods of the City and Eastbay.

  2. Most of the families I work with are dealing with housing issues in some way or another. There are not enough spots to get on section 8 and there is not enough low income housing. So families are living in horrible conditions and getting in debt. Feeling the stress of possibly not being able to meet the fundamental needs of their children, people get sick, depressed or put in jail. Uprooting their family, changing schools, finding new jobs, going to a place where there is no support network in place, all because they can’t afford to live in the Bay anymore. Two families recently moved to Sacramento.

    All this while new condos are going up all over the place. Have you seen all the new sky rises going up in SF! Instead of an up and down skyline it’ll just be one vertical line of rooftops consisting of office buildings and condos filled by business class gentrifiers.

    Dellums said in his State of the City address on Monday that he is coming out with an affordable housing plan. I hope it comes out soon and most of all can be affective, because really…really, this is tearing us apart. Housing is a HUGE issue. If Dr. King could see us now…

    “Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy is looking like the streets we named after him.”
    – Blue Scholars (Bring ‘em Back Home)

    Happy Birthday Dr. King.

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