Stop the Dellums Hating

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums gave his State of the City speech earlier this week and spit the truth, as usual. Hearing the man speak about our great city always makes me proud to claim Oakland, and even more proud of the grassroots community organizing efforts that got this progressive mayor elected. Peep the homie Greg’s great post covering Dellums’ speech.

Of course, there will always be haters, and the one sippin the most Dellums Haterade is definitely SF Chronicle “reporter” Chip Johnson(in quotes bc the man doesn’t report, he just talks shit). Chip lives in Oakland, sadly, and loves to rant on about how “soft” Dellums is on crime. Granted, Oakland does have a tragic amount of crime and violence. However, Chip’s solution is to hire more police to make more arrests and send more people to jail. I’m not saying Dellums should never be criticized, but Chip writes with such pretentiousness that he ends up sounding exactly like what he is, an asshole.

Dellums understands that you cannot arrest, imprison, and execute your way out of this problem. Fixing the roots of crime requires policing solutions, economic solutions, education solutions and community solutions but NOT policing by itself. Chip Johnson does not understand this. Chip, please quit your hating and go move to Marin. And oh yeah, fuck you from The Box, Oakland has no need for your negativity.


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