Pilgrimage at Sundance


Have to give my boy Tad some love for hustlin’ his film, Pilgrimage, into the Sundance Film Festival, currently wrapping up in Utah. The film is a really dope look at the effects of the World War II Japanese American Internment experience, and how annual pilgrimages to the Manzanar camp site have taken on added significance in post-9/11 America.

Tad is finishing up the Social Documentation grad program at UC Santa Cruz (Banana Slugger pride, Tad! Come on, say it), and was recently written up on the school’s website.

I highly recommend the film, contact pilgrimage.info@gmail.com to see how you can get a copy for yourself or your moms or your teddy bear or everyone.

**UPDATE 1.29.08**

CNN has a short clip talking with Tad about the film. Hahah, T. Naka doing big things!


One response to “Pilgrimage at Sundance

  1. HUGE props to Tadashi for this masterpiece. I got to see a snippet during DOR in Nihonmachi and it was great. I definitely need a copy of this asap.

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