The Black Agenda Report

Glen Ford runs one of the best progressive news outlets in the world with his “Black Agenda Report” website. With the recent holiday celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the presidential primaries in full swing, he wrote an interesting article on giving the presidential hopefuls an “MLK test.” Looks like Kucinich’s platform is the one that most resembles the beliefs of King, making his situation of being completely marginalized by the media and the Democratic party very sad.

Good thing I get all my news from blogs.


One response to “The Black Agenda Report

  1. PEACE king. There was DOPE interview on Democracy Now with Glen Ford a few weeks back. He and Michael Eric Dyson debated on Obama’s investment in the Black Amerikan community. You should definitely check it. Dyson (Obama supporter) and Ford (Kucinich supporter) are fierce debaters and both have great points throughout the debate.

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