Dave Zirin is a Boss

“Honestly fellas, my heroes are anybody who allows themselves to be political in this horribly apolitical society that we live in. I think we’re raised thinking that politics is just what people with the bad hair cuts do on Capitol Hill. But actually politics are the food we eat, the hea lthcare we have or don’t have, the air we breathe and the sports we play. Politics infuses all of these things and the people who don’t let those parts of their lives to be separate, the people who allow politics to run freely and without alienation through their daily lives … I mean that’s who my heroes are, because that’s a very hard thing to do in this country.”

~ Dave Zirin

Slept On Magazine has done a great spotlight on the best sportswriter in the game,  Dave Zirin. Gotta love that he talks about a memorable experience speaking to kids at Oakland Juvenile Hall, says the one athlete he would want to talk to is Barry Bonds, and listens to Blue Scholars.


5 responses to “Dave Zirin is a Boss

  1. I love Dave Zirin. And I love you. No homo…phobia. peace.

  2. Ninja, you gay! Hahah jk sun, much love to you.

  3. hahahahaha. gotta love that one. i just watched this episode of boondocks called “The Story of Catcher Freeman” and I think it was one of the craziest/funniest/best episodes i’ve seen of that show.

  4. Zirin goes. “Where is the love?” It’s at thecheddarbox/slavename. I was at SFSU yesterday working on my application process and I honestly think yall should join me in the Ethnic/AAS M.A. programs over there. We could take the Educational world by storm cuz!!!

    Picture this:
    -Blogging for dummies who go dumb101: Professor Cheddarbox
    -No Homo…phobia101: Why men of color need to love eachother: Professor Slavename

    Even as a professor, I will AUDIT both of those b*tches!


    p.s. check ur email. sin city. june. holla.

  5. Yo good luck with the program, C. I got all the respect in the world for education but school really just ain’t where my head is at right now. And best believe I’m in the building in June.

    I gotta step my boondocks viewing game up, Mitch, haven’t peeped for a minute.

    Much love to both you brothers, I’m missing the homies hard rite now but loving work. Stay tuned, more posts on that to come.

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