Vinyl Lives in the Groove Yard

The SF Chronicle recently ran a great little spotlight feature on a small record shop called the Groove Yard in the Rockridge district of Oakland that specializes in jazz vinyl. Surprisingly, business is booming at the Groove Yard, even in the age of digital downloads. I can tell you this, the dj in me will forever swear that the sound of vinyl through a good sound system is superior to any other format.


4 responses to “Vinyl Lives in the Groove Yard

  1. Vinyl will always be my guilty pleasure, you gotta love the sound of a new 12” spinning on a 1200. Downloading definitely saves cash and alleviates some of the agony of purchasing unwanted tracks, especially when trying to keep up with the radio/mainstream scene. I don’t know how many times I kicked myself in the butt for buying a radio comp (pre Serato era… seems like way back in the day ya know?… lol).

    Props on the post!!! I’m definitely going to try to find some time to go digging here!

  2. that place is super fresh. i only been there once, but it was madness. i had to force myself into not spending my entire paycheck in one sitting. u should also peep “mod lang records” in el cerrito near the plaza. great digs.
    p.s. Its a cold game. they blocked me from going onto wordpress at work cuz i think some nerdy tech person at the school district saw i went on there everyday and barred all computers from =T cold game.

  3. daaaaaaaaaaaaamn! awwww shit. They really blocked you, wow. that’s some wild shit. hahaha. fuck.

  4. Sani, good digging at the Groove Yard. There’s also some real dope record shops in the ATL.

    Sen, damn homie, they cut you off from wordpress? Fuckin oppression yo, thats some real ‘big brother is watching’ shit right there. Whatever though, I know they can’t keep ColinResponse down.

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