Grassroots Fundraising

Counterpunch has an interesting assessment of the Super Tuesday results for both parties.

One development worth highlighting is the value of grassroots fundraising and the impact it might have on the remainder of the race. Clinton is apparently short on money now because she has received the bulk of her funds from large donors who have reached the legal limit of what they can give. The Obama campaign on the other hand, has attracted a “legion of small donors” who can keep on giving because they are nowhere near that same limit.

I wonder if he picked up those grassroots fundraising techniques from his days as a community organizer? Either way, its a good lesson in never devaluing the importance of our own individual and collective power as consumers. Our funds can go towards ipods and bling or it can go towards social change. Now I’m not hating on ipods and bling, but I am saying that we have a choice in what we put our money towards, and that choice matters.


2 responses to “Grassroots Fundraising

  1. grassroots organizing is the backbone of pretty much every positive change amerika has ever undergone in its history. i hope barack is in his way to making a big one.

    its been a lot of fun watching the republicans fight amongst themselves while neither Barack nor Hilary have aired any negative campaigns toward each other. thats a good look and i hope it continues as thing s go on.

    while last night didnt bring any drastic changes to the democratic race, it seems that the more Obama is out there, the closer he draws to catching Hillary and overtaking her (that sounded weird/akward). =P

    i (do not) heart huckabees,

  2. I hope so, because if Hilary were to win it I think it would be tough for her to beat McCain.

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