Exxon Sucks, Mike Morford Doesn’t

“There is no eliminating the dark side of capitalism, the gluttony and the greed and the violent underbelly. There is only minimizing, shifting the emphasis, changing the pitch and angle of approach, trying to take what is, at its very heart, a flawed and self-destructive system, and making it into something proud and interesting and vibrant, something actually worth defending. Can it be done? Is it still possible? No matter how many poetic Barack Obama speeches, no matter how many pragmatic Hillary Clinton promises, it’s a question that seems far bigger than both of them. And the truth is, it’s really the only question that matters.”

~ Mark Morford

Exxon Mobil posted a profit of $40.6 billion last year, the most by any company ever. Yes, although the American economy seems to be in terrible shape, oil company execs keep making it rain with the cash they are collecting. Exxon, you hurt my soul.

Mike Morford doesn’t. His “Notes & Errata” column in the SF Chronicle always makes me think deep thoughts, the latest edition excellently discussing the Exxon issue and painting it in terms of the inherent problems of capitalism.

Is capitalism a system worth defending? I ask myself that question a lot, and have never come up with an answer that I completely believe in. The Bush Administration has shown the world what the system can be at its very worst, when it gives in to all of its most negative potential. But what of its best potential? What does that look like? As the Bush model threatens to swallow the economy, the environment and the entire world, its a question that Morford says is the only one that really matters.


3 responses to “Exxon Sucks, Mike Morford Doesn’t

  1. i say this WAY too much to too many ppl, but i think you’d LOVE “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” by Walter Rodney. That book is about how capitalism is the reason for all the oppression in our world, with a plethora of evidence to back it up. I’d lend you my copy but someone stole it. bumbleclot.

  2. Man, I bought that book when I was out in DC and then lost it on the plane. I seriously think there is a conspiracy to stop the spread of that book…or I’m just a dumbass who loses his shit way too often. Real talk, though, look for that on the “reads” page soon, good look bruh.

  3. According to the crude oil field records from the Texas oil commission, there is a Bush-Exxon lease for oil that produced.

    The information is from Texas Railroad Commission

    Bush-Exxon Oil Lease # 28758, District 08 (Ward)


    There’s also a website that has samples of this
    crude oil at http://www.texasrawcrude.com

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