SB840 Lobby Day

With all attention on the presidential primaries right now, I’ve been trying to keep my eye on other less-prominent-but-no-less-important political developments. Recently, 400 CA medical students traveled to Sacramento to rally for State Senator Sheila Kuehl’s proposed single payer universal health care bill, SB840. Considering there are only 6,000 medical students in the state, that’s a pretty impressive number. Health care is a huge concern to all Americans today, and many politicians are proposing their own bills thinking they have the solution to fix our ridiculously backwards system. Don’t get it twisted, SB840 is the most progressive, the only one that will eliminate the need to value profits over health. Its better than anything proposed by Fabian Nunez and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Cali, and even better than anything proposed by Obama and Clinton on the national side. Support the bill and help Cali lead the nation toward a healthier future.


3 responses to “SB840 Lobby Day

  1. i must admit, i’m pretty much sleeping on anything other than the primaries, oakland warriors and wedding/grad skool plans. thank you for always keeping me informed on the realness. cheddarbox goes 18-McIntelligent.

    i wil mos def be looking further into sb840 today online (while i should be working).

    keep it trill oaklanta.

  2. I’ma pretty much just echo C, as I haven’t been paying much attention to anything besides music, the elections, school, and patnas the past couple weeks.

    You always seem to be able to keep up with these things I would NEVER otherwise hear nor find out about myself. Good Lookin’ K-Cheddar.

    This video, the med students and Sheila Kuehl just gave me a much needed inspiration boost. I’d been losing my faith in people recently (including my inactive self).

    Right on brotha man,

  3. Universal single payer healthcare goes! Thanks for the kind words, yall, were like the best blog crew ever.

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