Hollywood Writers Strike

Television writers in Hollywood have been on strike for the last few months due to a dispute with the corporate studios over compensation for digital and online media. Looks like the strike is coming to an end, as the writer’s union has come to a tentative agreement with the studios.

I’ve been following this somewhat closely because I think it has been a really interesting issue in regards to the labor movement. Who would have thought that their union, the Writers Guild of America (WGA), would be the one to take on the corporate giants, stage a longterm strike, and win? Not only that, they demonstrated the power of striking, as the industry was crippled with shows being on rerun status because of a lack of new scripts. Good for them, and good for labor. Michael Moore, below, tells it like it is. As a member of the WGA himself, I’m sure he was loving being in the thick of the fight on the picket lines these last few months.

Granted, unions all over the country are taking on the corporate giants every day and don’t get even a tiny bit of the amount of media attention that the Hollywood writers got. However, I think that if it takes Hollywood going on strike to bring attention to labor disputes and reaffirm the power of striking, so be it.


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