Monta Beastin


Monta dropped 37 points last night in the razor-thin 120-118 Warriors victory over the Suns. He’s achieved an even higher Boss status level of late, the kid is just amazing to watch. Great first half Warriors, you continue to make this Oakland-born-Atlanta-transplant proudly scream random shouts of “East Oakland” at confused looking southerners.


3 responses to “Monta Beastin

  1. OMG….OMG…OMG.

    “The Mississippi Bullet” is doin it way too big right now. He has been the best player in the NBA for the last week and is totally on his way to superstardom. So ill watching him go from a kid who looked like he was boutta get his driver’s permit to dunking on people and taking over a game (and SCHOOLING 2XMVP Steve Nash).

    keep holding it down for the bay in the a.


  2. Yea Boy! I was definitely at that game screaming my ass off. Monta got damn! He goes, and that’s the understatement of the day. Hella funny picturing you yelling out East Oakland in the south, aw that’s wonderful. I hear Noelle, J the Fish, and Menace are all going out there for spring break…I’m so jealous. Sounds like a great time.


  3. Chea! Probly gonna have to hit up ESPN Zone while they’re out here to catch one of the Warriors games that weekend.

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