Ali Wong 2/25/08


Three reasons to go see Ali Wong:

1) She’s hilarious.

2) She’s one of the homies.

3) She’s one of the first people who said “Hey Cheddar, why don’t you start a blog?”

The last time I saw her on stage in SF, she had a line that went something like “The R. Kelly concert was like a stadium full of Wee-Bey’s wife!” Anyone who makes jokes referencing characters from “The Wire” automatically becomes my favorite comedian.

Ali’s been doing her thing on the Bay Area comedy scene for awhile now. Don’t sleep. I am convinced that she is going to blow up on a much bigger scale soon so catch her shows now while she’s still local in the Sucka Free City.

Tickets to the “Cure for VD” show are available at the Punch Line website.


3 responses to “Ali Wong 2/25/08

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  2. Sanks for posting this Kori! Good job on turning out 70 peoples. I need to debrief with you about Season 5. Miya hasn’t seen one episode yet and I feel dehydrated.

  3. Oh man, lets do that. I haven’t had anyone to talk to about it either! Pretty crazy but brilliant season so far if you ask me, as usual.

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