Crap CNN Report on Asian American Voters

This is a post for the first ever Youth Media Blog-A-Thon sponsored by Youth Outlook and Wiretap.

I first became aware of this over at Basically, CNN recently ran a crap report stating that Asian American voters support Hilary Clinton across the nation due to their “fear of a Black president and/or fear of change.”

Are you kidding me? How then does CNN explain the fact that Obama decisively won Hawaii by over 70%, a state with an overwhelmingly majority Asian Pacific Islander population? This is opinion-based reporting that is being disguised as factual, and points to the continued race politics being played out in this election.

It isn’t news that the powers that be continuously use tactics to divide people of color, especially the Asian American and Black communities. As an Asian American myself, I have always felt the ‘model minority’ myth placed upon the API community carries a subtle “they can be successful, why can’t you” message to Blacks. Direct your frustration from decades of systematic institutionalized racism not at the White oppressors but at these Asians and Latinos, they are your real enemy. Manipulation at its most divisive.

Thankfully, a petition criticizing CNN’s reporting was circulated on the web, received over 800 signatures, and was submitted to the network. I’m glad that today, the Asian American community is not willing to let this type of racial division from the corporate interests at CNN go unchallenged.


6 responses to “Crap CNN Report on Asian American Voters

  1. what annoys me most is that there’s been this vague “Asians hate Blacks” thing going around so long that people don’t even bother to look for proof. It’s treated like common knowledge even when there’s no truth to it. And then CNN bases an entire segment around that faulty assumption.

    CNN. Journalism at its laziest.

  2. I know!

    What really frustrates me is how CNN situates itself as the “legitimate, more objective” alternative to the crazy right wing propaganda machine that is Fox News. In reality, CNN is just as controlled by corporate interests as Fox News is, and puts out just as much racist and lazy journalism, just in a more subtle way. Still, we’ve got no other alternative 24 hour news source really, so I find myself constantly tuned in to stay up to date on current events. Can some rich liberal please hurry up and fund the infrastructure for a legitimate, progressive independent news source? I can only dream now, but maybe one day…

  3. Man, that whole model minority shit is terrible. and CNN basing a whole story on that sucks. I was just having an argument with one of my family members a couple of nights ago, and i was arguing that black folks in this country are systematically oppressed in hella ways because of racism. Then he was like ‘well what about asians? they stick together. how come they don’t shoot each other?’ kind of shit. i was hella frusterated. That shit pisses me off, but sometimes i can’t articulate myself when i start getting hella into it, and then when i know me and the other person arguing are no longer talking to each other but simply arguing our own points. fuckin shit.

    keep goin brother.



  4. Hella feel you, G. I think the reason why I keep making myself obsessively read books is because I selfishly just want to fill my head with progressive points to throw out when I get in arguments/debates/discussions with people who don’t agree with me. Ya know, it’s not like, to better myself or expand my knowledge or anything like that.

    But on the model minority tip, you can tell your family member that tons of Southeast Asian gangs ARE actually shooting each other at this very minute! Also, we don’t really stick together, all the different Asian groups hate each other! I’m Chinese and Japanese and the two sides of my identity are battling with each other every day! Yay for breaking stereotypes!

    (disclaimer: typing on the internet cannot communicate tone of voice, so I’ll just say that the much of the above comment was sarcastic and in no way does The Cheddar Box support generalized statements about different ethnic groups)

  5. AMEN to all that!

    G: Tell your family member to come the Rich and meet some of my Vietnamese, Hmong, Cambodian or Laotian homies. Of the 7-10 people I grew up with that have been shot and/or killed, more than 50% of them were Asian Pacific Amerikan. The ‘Model Minority’ myth is the exact sh*t that keeps people in the dark when it comes to politics of API Amerika.

    Example of Asian racism:
    ppl saying that Colleges/Universities are being taken over by Asians if more than 50% of the student body is “Asian-American.” If the majority of a student body is white, nobody (except maybe me and the homies) will say that the school is being overrun with white folks. It goes back to the whole idea of white entitlement in Amerika: “This space in the upper eschalons of society is reserved for ME and if someone who doesn’t look like me is there, they are taking/stealing that spot away from me or another white male.”

    Who the f**k ever promised you the world served on a platter (closed-minded) white guy?!?!?!

    CNN Journalism. =T

    Anderson Cooper is “man-tastic” though. =P No Homo…phobia. LOL.


  6. Good lookin’ ya’ll. I feel enlightened. I’ma hope to holler at this family member again soon.

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