Gotham Knight

Allow me to nerd out.


4 responses to “Gotham Knight

  1. simply: sick… can’t wait for this one man!!!

  2. If you’re a nerd, then what does that make the guys talking in this video? Haha. But then again, they are the people who allow us to indulge in our nerdy tendencies. Hmm, interesting.

    Hella tight, except for comparing Batman to cowboys. Cowboys BLOW!

    You have slowly, since I first hated on Batman first year at Oakles, gotten me to be a big Batman fan.

  3. What I’m psyched about is all the unconfirmed rumors that we’ll see Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in Dark Knight.

    Don’t think its going to happen, but he’s be a good fit for the next one (sans superpowers, of course).

  4. Whoa I didn’t even know about that. He would be good, but I don’t really remember Deathstroke having that much interaction with Batman in the comics.

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